Charley & Me Rebrand

When Natalie Crites came to me with a request for a rebrand for her boutique, I just knew that this was going to be one of my favorite projects. Her local boutique, Charley & Me, carries stylish bohemian style clothing and gorgeous handmade jewelry. 

The Scissortail Flycatcher was chosen because they make their nests with found objects, hence tying back to the fact that her jewelry is made from leather, stone and metal. The flycatchers are incredibly protective of their young ones, which reflects her bond with her son (who the boutique is named after).  The Scissortail Flycatcher is also the state bird of Oklahoma, which is where her business originates from. The colors reflect the fun yet sophisticated nature of her business. The charcoal is a strong neutral that anchors the bright yellow and turquoise. Purple compliments both the bright colors and expresses the softer and feminine personality of her brand.