Be a Weirdo!- August's Free Desktop Download

It’s almost the end of summer and back to school season is right around the corner. My boyfriend’s son starts middle school this year and I’m both anxious and excited for him. I hope he embraces his quirky, weird self and isn’t afraid to be true to himself. I love this quote from one of my favorite books, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. When we're young, our daily lives are easy to take lightly and enjoy. Lots of experiences are new, and we don't have much responsibility. But that feeling doesn’t have to be limited to our younger years. Why not bring that attitude to your life right now? No matter what age you are, release your inner weirdo and embrace life. Enjoy it. That’s the advice I am going to give my boyfriend’s son, and that’s the advice I’ll be giving myself from time to time as well. I hope you gain inspiration from this quote and I definitely recommend reading Big Magic!


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